oddly interesting?
2001-11-01 21:41:09 (UTC)

agh! ugh ugh ugh

11.01.01 (( 4.38 pm
tuff anGel 31: hey sweets
jessycat 09: whoa hey
jessycat 09: i was just gonna im you
tuff anGel 31: lmao
jessycat 09: so much candy
jessycat 09: okay like
tuff anGel 31: ya
jessycat 09: linda is scaring me with her fanfiction
jessycat 09: she has to get it throught her head that i
hate ds
jessycat 09: o.0
tuff anGel 31: I LOVE DS
tuff anGel 31: THEY KICK ASS
tuff anGel 31: lol sorry
jessycat 09: ARE YOU CRAZY?
tuff anGel 31: yes
jessycat 09: thought so.
tuff anGel 31: and i am damn proud of it
tuff anGel 31: took you a while to find that out
jessycat 09: IM SORRY LMAO

Auto response from tuff anGel 31: trying in lj!

jessycat 09: YER ALL CRAZY
tuff anGel 31: haha
tuff anGel 31: DUH
jessycat 09: GOD LMAO
jessycat 09: well
jessycat 09: ILL JUST GO MY GOTHIC WAYS. o.0
jessycat 09: you know
jessycat 09: id love to be gothic

Auto response from tuff anGel 31: typing in lj bb in like 5

jessycat 09: but
jessycat 09: im not so um
jessycat 09: yea
jessycat 09: i wear purple a lot
jessycat 09: i need to take a picture of all the candy
wrappers on my desk
jessycat 09: wth is a hersey's 5th avenue
jessycat 09: yuck
jessycat 09: goodness gracious
jessycat 09: you know
jessycat 09: ive decided to not like steven anymore
jessycat 09: because he likes this other girl named isa
jessycat 09: and i hate her
jessycat 09: shes such an athletic show-off
jessycat 09: even though steven is such a hottie.
jessycat 09: lmao
jessycat 09: but like yea
jessycat 09: ok
jessycat 09: YM
jessycat 09: UM**
jessycat 09: geez
jessycat 09: im like
jessycat 09: sending you too many messages
jessycat 09: I DIDNT GET EGGED!!!
jessycat 09: these like
jessycat 09: 17 year old guys
jessycat 09: were um well
jessycat 09: me and my sisters went up to this house
jessycat 09: and like this 17 year old guy gave us candy
and like
jessycat 09: while we were walking away
jessycat 09: this guy jumped off the roof
jessycat 09: and like
jessycat 09: landed on this air mattress thingy that was
covered with a white sheet
jessycat 09: and this other guy in the bushes was screaming
and jumped out at us
jessycat 09: it was completely funny.
jessycat 09: bubblegum.
jessycat 09: ok i have to take a dump. yea lmao
tuff anGel 31: summer
tuff anGel 31: don't be a goth it is really bad
tuff anGel 31: trust me it's not worth it
tuff anGel 31: they have a really bad name like they don't
like anyone that isn't a goth

Auto response from jessycat 09: ok like. im going to the
bathroom. yea i know. that was some extra information you
didnt need to know. well um ill get back to you in 5
minutes right now its 4:23 pm =D

tuff anGel 31: i mean it don't
jessycat 09: sorry i didnt see that when i was typing my
tuff anGel 31: don't i mean it
tuff anGel 31: atleast wait till highschool
jessycat 09: bee you rarely see goth in my town or county
jessycat 09: i wont do it'
jessycat 09: it*
tuff anGel 31: okay
tuff anGel 31: and sides alot of teachers think you do drugs
jessycat 09: well
tuff anGel 31: and they don't like you
jessycat 09: thats what they think
tuff anGel 31: well dont add more to it
jessycat 09: i get a's. im okay i just think people can
dress the way they want too
tuff anGel 31: but that means no more tans
tuff anGel 31: or string bikini's
jessycat 09: i dont wear bikinis
jessycat 09: i dont go swimming
tuff anGel 31: and no more really hott guys only goth guys
tuff anGel 31: bb i need to fix something
jessycat 09: ive never got asked out or found out anyone
liked me in my life.
tuff anGel 31: well your life isn't going to end

Auto response from jessycat 09: hiya im away rite now, so
just..erm...sit there and uh... talk to someone who

tuff anGel 31 signed off at 4:27:48 PM.
tuff anGel 31 signed on at 4:28:10 PM.
jessycat 09: i dont know that yet

Auto response from tuff anGel 31: i'm out right now doing
something and to be honest i really don't know what but
i'll be back SOMETIME in the future so ya'll keep your
pants on and i'll be back as soon as my little feet can
move so LATER

agh. btw sorry i havent typed anything lately... anyway i
cant help it im ugly. well i dont believe im ugly because
im confident in myself. but i cant stand how im missing out
on so many things that come in a girls life. im just going
to stay single forever. i chose to be independent. i want
to make my own decisions. agh yea im fat. a bit. not
really. sorta. ahh well i am. thats why i dont swim. or
wear bikini tops. or anything like that. its not like i
dont want to. but im afraid people will make fun of me.
even though i dont care about what people think. its
just..i dont know. im so confused. i dont think normal 11
year olds have the same feelings as me. its weird. i dont
know. ill explain later. bye pup.