Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-03-17 11:30:53 (UTC)

Much respect to all who read ..

Much respect to all who read
please read entry #1
I was going to go to sleep but its only 3am its weird that
it says 10 somthing on the first entry cause its 3am where
i live.I used to read another jornal and always wonder why
this youngster was already home from school at noon but
i know.i guess the answers to all things contemplated come
sooner or later.Yes im always up this late i go to collage
in the morning and then work till 2am.I work sixty plus
hours a week and im getting straight a's.This real life
shit is a cake walk.Before you parole you get somthing
called short timmers deise everyone gets it about 90 days
to the house you start freaking out and wanna fight
everyone and you start doing stupid shit.As much as i
want to admit i had it i did.I kept it real though the
homeboys would be like hey you ok and id just reply "Im
I was down 41 months and i made it my home cut almost
everyone out here off.they'd send letters and i wouldn't
right back,i quit watching tv i never watched to much tv
anyways still dont,I,d think about the out side but that
yard was my whole life.So when it got close I realized i
didnt know anything about this world and i was scared.
its weird cause every one is like fuck i bet it was rough
in the HA its cake,not that you should check it out but
me it was a joke.I stray from my point i thought most of
the people where there cause they couldn't make it out
here.so i wondered if i could make it out here but now i
see the people who dont make it out here a the same lames
who dont make it in there.