Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-01 21:22:15 (UTC)

"we were notified about your problems "

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! OMG you wil never guess what happend
today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I got called down to the
office to meet with the councilor (sp?) and I thought it
was about my schedual. .. . . . . NO I was way off .
apparently someone told the councilor I have problems in my
life that I need to talk about !!!!!! What the heck ?!? If
I had serious problems I would talk to someone about
them . . .and . . . the last person I would tell is some
councilor who doesn't even know me !!!!!! I was super
pissed off! Why the heck do people get involved with my
life like that !!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it ! I know you guys are
most likely going to say " they care about you " yea well
anyone who knows me knows that I don't like people worring
about me !! I can handle myself and I do talk about my
problems with Zac and with " red" and with kati and
sometimes hui ! but Really PEOPLE DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME !!!
but anyways back to the " meeting" the councilor guy was
like " we have been notified about you and your
problems ." and I was like " what?! what problems ? you
don't even know me !!!! " and he goes " Yes but someone
told us about your problems " and I said " Well i don't
know who the heck told you that but I DON'T have
problems .and if I did I can take care of them on my own I
don't need you cause you don't even know me ! Who told you
this crap about me ?" and the guy goes " thats
confedential ." and I said " yea well so is my life ." and
I was super mad that someone told some perfect stranger
that I have "problems" !!!urg !!! and anyways the guy was
making me so mad cause he was like " this is just a meeting
to let you get stuff off your chest !" and I was like
" heres something I want off my chest, YOU and WHOEVER TOLD
WITH THE PROBLEMs and its all in your head!I have a test in
gym that I am missing and I don't need to keep wasting my
time with this crap ! " and I left ! ummmm lets see what
else happend ??? oh I got to wear brents necklace! :)!
yay !!!! haha ! he was smelling my hair today haha ! he
was like " it smells like coconuts ! " haha ! cause I use
aussie shampoo and products ! haha ! I gotta bounce !