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2001-11-01 21:20:47 (UTC)

Twilight Zone

Today felt totally out of an episode of the Twilight Zone.
Yesterday was Halloween, maybe that was why? Who knows.
Well Corey stood us up and ditched us on Halloween, so me
n Marisa got really pissed and slapped him today, and
supposedly his earring hit the back of his head and was
bleeding and he was embarassed, and I do feel bad, but he
was a jerk. Then, I heard that Joe Neglia got into a fight
in lunch with AJ Soden, and Joe isnt the type to get into
fights, and it was supposedly pretty funny cuz they were
just lightly punching eachother in the arm, and a teacher
comes outta nowhere and tackles joe into a recycling bin. I
almost went out with Joe at one point, and right now he
isnt my favorite person. Then in french class Mr Tutz said
something really mean to me about being quiet, and that has
never happened before...a teacher saying something mean to
me, and it hurt like a slap.
So about the guys.....there are a few guys I would consider
going out with. I don't know what's going on in this
category though, and to be honest with you, I don't really
care anymore. Jess Cooper is still fugly, and Matt still
makes my heart burn. But nothing new really. I'm in a
really weird mood today, like I could jump off a building
or something(which I wont). I feel sorta bad, there is this
girl in my school who is a year older(a junior), lets call
her Mary. Well she is a well known bitch n dresses kinda
slutty, but shes popular. Anyways, she had sex with some
guy in a bathroom at a party, and he had a gf, and his gf
dumped him. And for Senior-For-Hire Day, his ex gf bought
this guy named Larry and made him wear a sign saying "Hi My
Name is "Mary", Ask me who goes all the way?!?" and it was
a huge sign he wore all day, and now everyone is yelling ho
and slut to her. Mispent youths are so sad....

Well thats all for right now.....I'll be back.