inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-11-01 21:13:06 (UTC)

i thought it was my candy, but i'm choking on the truth.

work doesnt start till l8r on in the day. then i get
2morrow off. i think heather comes back 2day, but i dont
kno if i'll b working w/ her or not... i hope so.

i saw ruven/ryan in the parking lot last night! he didnt'
kno it was me, tho. and i wasnt sure if it was him,
either. it was late, around 11, and we were both leaving
from bars. ah well... we wouldn't have been able to talk n
e way, seeing as i was in a car.

i had a dream last nite that i had my tongue pierced. i
was changing the barbell, and it kind of hurt, cuz the
barbell was a higher gauge. it bled a bit at the bottom.
the ball on top was covered in rhinestones... and i was
worried that the mother was gonna notice, especially once
my tongue started 2 swell up (why was i changing the
jewelry if i'd *just* gotten it done?). weird... but i
know it's cuz i finally made my big purchase @ the shop...
yay! i cant believe all that stuff cost nearly $100, WITH
my 50% discount... but ah well. but yeah. last nite i was
squeezing 14ga cir. bb's into my 18ga holes (not much of a
stretch, but u still have to push..) and that's where that
feeling comes from (in my dream). the pain must've been
from when i tried to get the 8ga into my 10ga hole... lol,
even w/ the taper, it hurt, so i gave up (and had a sore
ear for awhile). i a bit bummed about that, but then
again, i have only had this 10ga in for about 2 weeks (or
less). ... but working with vivian makes it seem like more
time has passed. _