What's on my mind
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2001-11-01 21:12:34 (UTC)

Back to bored

Well I finished what needed to be done on the website.
That didn't take long at all. Oh well back to being
bored. No kids came to the house for candy last night. I
should have known. Last year only about 10 kids came by
and with all the terror crap that is going on of course
that number would go down. I guess that was a good thing
because I got to watch the new Enterprise without
interruption. It was a pretty good episode. I like how
they got the Andorians antenna to move around with there
face expressions. My wife started leasing another Horse
since her horse is having some medical problems right now.
It would be that bad cause it is just for a month or two
till we know what needs to be done with her horse (which is
sound right now hopfully it stays that way) but the owner
of the horse is one of her friends and thinks that she will
end up buying the horse and already told her mom and
trainer that she did buy the horse (long story, if I tried
to type it my hands would fall off). To make it short she
had quit her job, she lives with her parents and they have
been pressuring her to sell the horse so now she is
pressuring my wife to buy it. I have already made my view
of the whole thing clear and I am not too happy about the
whole situation. I wouldn't have minded it if it was a
horse that I could ride, but it is another spooky horse
that does unpredictable things and I am not an expeirienced
enough rider to handle a horse that might buck and dart to
the side without warning. I also wouldn't mind if it was a
warmblood which is what my wife really wants because she is
into Dressage. But it is another Thourough bred and it is
3 years older than the horse she has now. I know she says
that she isn't going to lease it for more than two months
but she is still paying board for a horse that she isn't
interested in buying. If I spent that kind of money to
bail one of my friends out of trouble she would rip me a
new one. She doesn't say that is what she is doing but to
me that is what it looks like. I am trying to be
understanding because she does need a horse to ride because
her horse is having problems and she is moving her horse
from the barn he is at now so she won't be able to ride
those horses but I would rather her leasing or buying a
horse that I will be able to ride with her on occasion. Ok
I have bitched enough. Till next time. Me out.