2001-11-01 20:21:28 (UTC)

*november 1 - sweetness*

its the name of a song by jimmy eat world, and it totally
describes the last couple of days. me and anthony...i think
we make such a great couple, it just comes so natural. and
thats what most people are telling me too, the other half i
couldnt care any less about. im happy, hes happy, thats all
that matters.

alot of kids are hooking up, i feel really bad for vanessa,
allison keeps making fun of her just cuz shes single. imna
try to set her up, and tell allison to lay off.

hm....kyle. still not completely sure what imna do, but the
way its looking, i wont have to worry. that kid can be so
phone impaired..

*have i waited too long? have i found that someone...*

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