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2001-11-01 20:13:10 (UTC)


K, that was an experience if I ever had one. I know I'm a
pansy to begin with but still... Anyhoo so Kim and I go
down to the Mem Centre to get tickets for tonight's game.
Fine. Then we're waiting for the bus and there's this lady
sitting there. We didn't really make much of it and she's
like talking under her breath. But we can't really hear her
because the wind is like super strong. Anyways finally she
walks over to Kim and goes "What's your name?" and Kim's
like wearing a nametag the lady's all like "Kim. Good to
know." Then she's all like "You're disgusting." So we're all
like "Ok" and this lady keeps pacing back and forth
muttering how Kim is disgusting and something about the full
moon last night and her period and cramps. So we're thinking
"FREAK!!" and Kim's all like paranoid and wants to walk to
the next bus stop but I figured the bus would soon be there
anyways. So the bus pulls up and we get on and the lady gets
on and so Kim's standing in the middle of the aisle, I
didn't know what she was doing... so I go past her and sit
down behind this other lady and her little girl. Kim later
tells me that she was waiting to see where PsychoLady was
going. But she sits down with me and Psycho Lady starts
muttering about how 60 year women get paid more than Kim
does for the same job (implying she was a hooker). So we're
like thinking einh? And so then the little girl is looking
at us (she was like 3) and the PsychoLady proceeds to call
Kim a pedophile. So the kid's mom was all like "is there any
specific reason she's talking to you girls?" and Kim's like
"noooo" and she's all freaked so the lady is making fun of
PsychoLady and the little girl is playing with my rings.
Psycho Lady then yells that Kim and I are the most
self-centered girls she's ever met. So the woman in front of
us finally told her to stop and they got in an argument and
the lady with the little girl called Psycho Lady crazy. It
was a tad amusing. But so then on the walk home, Kim's all
like paranoid, making sure Crazy Lady wasn't following us
and it's like 3 o'clock and our door is already locked and
chained. I said I think the lady is schizophrenic. I'm not
allowed to diagnose or anything because I don't have my Ph.
D. but I have taken enough classes in Abnormal Psychology to
recognize the symptoms of schizophrenia. Anyhoo..

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