Nephanie's Life
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2001-11-01 20:01:44 (UTC)


I am now grounded for four weeks. I hate my life so
much. No one cares about me. Only Angela and her petty
problems. Like right now, I have had a sucky day and am
all upset, and all anyone cares about is Angela. She does
it on purpose to. She always has to be the center of
attention, weather good or bad. For example she always has to
talk about her boobs and how they pop out, and then she'll
give an example of what happend. So I basiclly have no
life because Angela either steals it or completly messes it up. But
who gives a fuck. No one, my point exactly. By
the way Anglea's boobs are pointy and the are size A36(lol)

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