le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-01 19:17:25 (UTC)

The new girl in town

I went trick-or-treating last night with CJ, Andrew, and
Amanda in High Point. CJ and I were twin punk rockers,
Amanda was a witch, and Andrew was a girl. We had him
dressed up in Tiffani's prostitute dress and red feather
boa. Sadly, I was the resident make-up expert(that really
is sad), so I got stuck in that department. I must say,
Andrew makes a pretty girl. The bad part is that he looks
better in a dress than I do. He got hit on by a lot of
guys. But I think the funniest thing was when we walked by
a large group of kids sitting on the curb and they all
started screaming and yelling that there was a boy dressed
up like a lady. It was SOOO cute!
I'm kinda scared. I think Andrew enjoyed the dress a bit
too much. He was still wearing it when I left CJ's last
We stoned people in Clary's today. It was kinda fun.
Especially when we were stoning Clary and David.
We delivered papers in 3rd, and KT and I rode with Ashley
and Jennifer. That was an interesting experience to say
the least, AND I got to come back to school sporting the
extremely wind-blown look. I wonder what Amy and Kassidy
said while they were out? I know that they don't get along
too well with J and A. Tomorrow at Germanton Park should
be an interesting experience if everyone comes out and says
what they are thinking.

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