Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-03-17 10:41:36 (UTC)

Much respect to all who read ..

Much respect to all who read

Well I've been out for about 5 months if it bothers you
that i'm a convict please move on to someone elses entrys
I'm shure theres some 14yr old waiting to tell you how they
just scored some backstreet boys tickets or some other crap
they scrible about. Not to begruge anyone because of there
age cause im actully some what inspried to scrible this by
a 13 year old girl who bravley splays her writtings for me
to read.the reason I told you to move on if the convict
things bothers you is if you see me as only that or let
that wheigh in your opinion of me you completely miss who I
am.Iam a member of a beautiful family {mom dad sister}who i
love dearly,IM somone trying to play for the good team,a
tax payer,voter,someone who see the world through changed
eyes,I have hope,and feel pain for all the youth who must
walk some of the roads i chose to walk.
I have about 2000 pages of jornal scribled while in the
penn. in a rehab,and on the streets i belive ill throw old
entrys down in here some of them are really worth hearing
as aposed to this trivial into.i wish youd have already
read it cause then youd already know me and these entrys
would probly make more since.
I wish you could see this world through my eyes cause
when you gazed apon yourself you'd see your smile you'd not
fear the future youd be happy to see the trees and little
kids at play or drink a dr pepper.See i have my answers in
life and know what i hold as importin and have become proud
of who I am.so u know i went to prision for a stabbing a
friend was taking a pretty sevre beatin and i stepped in or
i was an outta hand youth with questions that know one
could answer, belive what you like. I feel for you who have
questions about life Where to turn parents teachers priest
yeah they have answers and when they dont they answer anyway
so left with many answers with seemly no ryme or reason.
I begun a jorney for which I left the burbs and wandered to
party,s Raves, girls,drugs,s coffie houses slums prision.
All over cali orgen nev.I found answers in a cell alone i
faced and found myself I read books so many books of other
peoples quest what they seached for in life what they
found.Books about how we came to be here peoples opions of
how society wond up here chaous 14yr old protitutes school
shootings every thing.the point you ask i found answers
so many, i kept some blew some off.please do the same, not
my answers my truths but yours.and rember to respect other
peoples.trust that ill talk shit in here about people and
the things they do but mainly its cause i have hope for
them that they could be happy and enjoy this life as i .
I guess its like when people find god it makes them so
happy they want everyone to have god in there life too.
I dont have a god just so you know,however i have a form of
spirtuallity a sort of peace with my self and with my past
well im back in the burbs and im happy right where i
started.but know this i wouldnt be if i hadnt left and
hadnt done all the things i chose to do i really wouldnt
change any of it.fuck up as some of it was its made me who
i am.as sidartha had to dwell in the material world,have
wealth, sit amongst drunks and participate in many a dice
games to find himself trully happy as the ferry man
who listened to the wisdom of the river.
stay positive