The Red Book
2001-11-01 18:22:57 (UTC)

Let's Get Loud!

Happy Halloween! The Halloween Party at Zouk was a bit of
a blast. I was surprised at how many turned out in
costumes. Mei was a slutty devil with a mean looking
pitchfork and the lacy bra peeking out was a good touch.
Fa was a 'rhinestone cowgirl' and she had a horse to 'ride'
on that gallops, neighs and snorts when you squeeze its
left ear! Everyone else went "Yeeha!" when she passed.
Heh. I was a butterfly fairy in a DIY tube baby doll
fashioned out of Mei's lavender and gold sari cloth and
sparkly wings. Some morons called me an angel and then
wondered why I had butterfly wings and carried a wand.
Geez. But we all looked fantastic. All the guys were
checking us out (who could ever resist a slutty devil, a
darling fairy and a sexy cowgirl?) and we even had some
people who snapped our pictures!

Mei, Fa and I were there around 9ish, got ourselves chopped
and waited around with Elson and his friend Marcus. We
watched them guzzle glasses of beer and smoke fag after
fag. They are really real-life chimneys, I'm not kidding.
In the half hour we were there, I counted 10 cigarettes
between them. Whoa.

People started streaming in around 10ish, and most decked
out in costumes. There were the usual stuff...devils,
angels, monsters, Scream murderers, vampires, bloody
people. We were particularly intrigued by the bunch of
nuns who easily drank beer by the jugs and were constantly
surrounded by plumes of cigarette smoke. They were
certainly a sagcrilegeous bunch, haha! There was this
Indian fella who cross-dressed as a Jap-styled girl, and we
complimented his outfit, but we all thought he was Britney
Spears. We met Fa and Mei's council senior, and Elson was
hugging everyone else coz he was totally whacked after 8
jugs of beer and gallons of Chivas Regal and Long Island
Tea. *lol* OH! And were were oh-so-drooling over this
bevy of MALE, HALF-NAKED angels who donned adorable
feathery wings and wore cute shorts that were nearly
falling off their butts. We almost didn't want to leave
*lol* There were also couples of gay lovers, but I must
say that they were the most brilliantly and gaily dressed
in the entire party.

And they were the ones who were all good-looking and hunky.

The male angels were so gay but I appreciate beauty in any
form. The chick with them, however, was a real looker.
Mei and I agreed that both of us would turn lesbian for her
coz she was soooo gorgeous! She was deliciously curvacous,
very sexy and the slit of her skirt was until her perky
butt. Wow.

We had fun that night. After an incredible supper (we were
still in costume), we retired to Mei's place where we raved
over Take That (oh, those glorious days when I was still
that innocent!) whilst stuffing our face with ice-cream
and peanut butter m&ms, drank lots of coke and milk till it
was 6.30 in the morn.

I could do it all over again. ;o)