My rather boring life
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2001-11-01 18:14:10 (UTC)

Konoyo wa love and peace!

Vash ^_^

This is my first online diary, so be kind!

I like:
1. Anime!!!
2. Anime!!!
3. Anime!!!
4. Anime!!!
5. Anime!!!
7. Anime!!!
8. Anime!!!
9. Anime!!!
10. Oh yeah, and I like Shinji, Kaworu, Shinji, Vash,
Shinji, Wolfwood, Shinji, Kenshin, Shinji, Sanosuke,
Shinji, Van, Shinji, Darsh, Shinji, Nuriko, Shinji, Tasuki,
Shinji, Hotohori, Shinji, Chichiri, Shinji, Mika-chan,
Shinji, and Raphael. Did I mention Shinji? ^_^

I love Shinji, yes I do. If you've seen Evangelion, you'll
understand (either that or think I'm insane ^_^;;). That
poor boy needs a hug! Or better yet, some Prozac! But
that's ok, Shinji, I still love you ^_^ I can identify with
Shinji (If you've seen Evangelion, you'll really REALLY
think I'm crazy!).

I like other things besides anime. I like my Playstation
(PSX - like I could ever afford a PS2!) I like sugar. It
makes me sociable. I'm usually a very very shy, quiet
person, but give me some sugar and that'll change! I don't
seem very shy, do I? I'm shy in person. Online, I'm a
maniac. I guess it's just one of my little "quirks." Oh
dear, I have to go now. Time for academic advisement! Worry
not, for I shall return! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Great, I have "Hubba buhha zoot zoot" stuck in my head.
Never heard of it? It's a song by Caramba. Very very
strange song. I'll give you a cookie if you can figure out
the lyrics!