2001-11-01 18:13:13 (UTC)

Left out?

Yo sup book heh i feel left out alot. there is so many
people of jeluous of. like my friend justin jones, stefanie
spence hangs all over him sometimes. he goes to her house
and matt brownings and everything. hes likea devil
worshiper tho.should i be like him? no way. well i got a
new reasearch paper on JIM CARRY. OWNAGE! heh. oh i think i
made chicken clcan./ it is so cool me and this one dood
whipped blue (leader) heh i hope so.
http://chickenklan.cjb.net PS BMW IS IN IT and shafty is my
new friend. he told me my new name HOOK and he is cool to
me. newayz gotta ride pcE!