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2001-11-01 18:09:59 (UTC)

If you walk in the street you'll get cancer!!!???

OK... so I noticed that there is a little like strange
thing going on.... No one is talking everything is like
funny, everyone is really..... like distant from each Jill's suspeneded and for the last two or
thre days James, Ross and Jim just walk past me and say
nothing to me and I don't know what that's about... But
whatever... and um. So I talked to Dan, who now knows how I
feel about him, and it's not wierd like I thought it would
be, and he was talking about how he didn't know that I
liked him in 9th or 10th and all that, um.. don't really
know what he thinks about everything, I didn't get a chance
to ask him, with him talking about how if we walk in the
street we'll get cancer.. Ok so I like him, I took a big
fuckin step and told him,,,now what........