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2001-11-01 17:13:27 (UTC)

Hockey tonight

Yay! It's been almost 2 full months since the Petes opened
their season and I am finally getting to go to a game!
That's a record for me. I can't waite either because I am
suffering like mondo-withdrawal. Oooh and get this- they
finally named the captains. Dusty's the captain and Kurtis,
Brad and Matt H are the assistants. Cool. Of course I would
have preferred it if Kurtis was CAPTAIN but nonetheless.
Then there's Tony who says Kurtis is being a snob. I'd
really like to know what he means by that but anyhoo. Kurtis
DID say hi to Kim afterall the other day so who knows? Yay
for hockey! Yay for Petes hockey in particular.
Lol, however, according to Kim, I am grounded but oh
well, I have waited long enough to see my boys so I am
going. No ifs buts or ands about it. That and I am soooo
going to go see "On The Line" when it actually gets to
Peterborough too because apparently I am grounded from
seeing that too. Lol.
Anyhoo, later.

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