Dirty Fractyl
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2001-11-01 17:10:42 (UTC)

This I promise you...

I am going to make a tape of myself singing acapello to N
Sync, Westlife, and Son by Four. It should be nice.

I don't remember yesterday too well. I remember going into
my room and putting on MCIS and laying down and falling
asleep, but everything after that is a blur.

I need to get to school to sell my two textbooks so I have
some money for weed. Joey and Jeff are going out of town
this weekend, so since I won't have them to hangout with I
plan on getting stoned all weekend with Matt. I have a lot
of music I want to listen to while I am high, too, so needs to be done.

I took the slut test on, trying the best I could
to answer the questions and making them pertain to being a
male in my head. I am 27% slut. I expected to be lower.
I mean, for Christ sakes, I am a virgin, and I haven't
messed around all that much. I am no slut for sure.

We only got two trick or treaters last night. Leaving the
porch light off does wonders. Now I have tons of mini
packs of skittles to eat :D

Well, if I am talking about candy, that's a sign that I
have nothing exciting to say.

At least I got the "Clovis is Cute, Kristin is Kute"
Coalition (CICKIKC) started yesterday. It has all the
makings of being a huge success...YAY. I am going to drive
little Kristin bonkers. Everytime she goes to the NON
she's gonna see a topic about how cute she is! I kill