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2001-11-01 16:55:47 (UTC)


yes im home "sick" from school today actully last nyt was
halloween me daniel and doug basically got some candy and
then skateboarded around the neighborhood i fucked up my
ankle but oh well "shit happens" and then we just kinda
beat eachother up like the idiots we are lol mark got mad
cuz some mystery person hit him in the balls doug or daniel
we have yet to find out who but ne ways yes i still have a
bruise on my ass from crowd surfing at a good charlotte
concert at the 9:30 club Mest The Movie LIfe and Good
Charlotte all ruled and kicked ass it was kewl i went w/
doug but met up with tim sherri becca pat and billy
there.cant wait to go back to skool *sarcasm* yes my skool
is ghetto and unlike all the lies teachers slap in our face
about my school being safe and the second best skool in the
county .people are getting jumped at my skool fer the most
trivial reasons race gender grade clothing and music styles
yes rap is the majority in out skool tho i hate it i dont
really have ne thing against it wut eva floats ur boat well
even tho ive been sleeping all day im gonna go back to
sleep u can never have enuff sleep