Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-11-01 16:51:18 (UTC)

stream of unconsciousness

deathandits many times omakes me wonder if i will die,
ecause i wantto and stuff, btu not like i want to die right
now... like i wanna die someday somehow and leave something
behind. what would i leave? i don't really like chips. i
don't like gum either, why do peopl e like gum? i don't
understand. school food is discuziting like that pizza that
they have doesn't taste like pizza but well i don't know
what. and i'm not sick but i have to go to the doctor soon
cuz i haven' been since before summer and i'm supposed to go
every 3 months according to dr. h. i love dustin so much,
but i'm like so parinoind that he doesn't like me anymore
and that he really has a girl down in pa that he likes
better. this is harder than i thought... is life pointless,
no, but yes, but no... becuase well i don't know why but i'm
pretty happy with my life and where i am going and where i
have been and death. and i think death would be so
peaceful, like in buffy where she described heaven and
someone out there that is really annoying me. like taking
advantage of me... oops... i cant' read mary rigting while i
am riting and that girl looks really ugle when she cries...
i shouldn't say that cuz she is like sad and stuff and
somehow i am unpatriotic (again) saying that but i don't
really care, becuase i know i love my country i just hate
singing those stupid songs and ireally think of cabaret when
they sing the nazi songs and all stand and are stupid like
that and if that makes me unpatriotic so be it cuz i love
the us... but even more than that i love to be a human...
the member of the same species as everyother person on the
earth... even obl... and jimmy fallen too. and mango... why
do people like mangos... i hate the taste... actually i'v
never tried a mango before don't be lonely 0 i'm here and
stuff and i'm your [email protected]!!! jeez... to few days and if
only time could stop... i've been trying to make time
stop... but just like roxy it just wouldn't listen to me...
dawson looks ugly too... not just when he cries... and that
show is so stupid now... why would they kill him? i mean
they have just changed

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