Within Lily's Eyes
2001-11-01 16:46:39 (UTC)

Halloween time..

Hi. I know that I haven't written in a
lllloooonnnngggggg time but o well I am writting now aren't
I? Halloween time... one of my favorite times of the year.
I know that I am alil old to be dressing up and going out
but you think I am gonna give up a perfect oppertunity to
get free candy and money??? NEVER!!!! I love candy! Last
night I dressed up as an enchantress. It was soo much fun!
Even though I didn't get tons of candy, it was still nice
to get out of the house and chill with some friends.

My mom's b/f is really pissing me
off. He is getting or trying to get involved in my life
which I will not allow. I want nothing to do with him. He's
also letting my fights with my mom interfere with their
relationship which I am furious about. What me and my mom
fight about shouldnt matter to him and he shouldn't let it
affect their relationship. Plus he hung up on my mom which
is another thing I hate him for. Omg and to think: hes
coming with us to the family Thanksgiving dinner this year!
As my friend said when I told him what was going on: ROUND
ONE CATHY VS MOMS B/F! This is going to be one interesting
family dinner...