hello kitty cat
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2001-11-01 16:35:44 (UTC)

left over candy...

Last night was Halloween. Jason came over..I was kinda eh
about it at first cause I didn't know what was really going
on in his head..but everything ended up being fine. We hung
out with Sam, Aum, Katy and Alex..Josh was around
briefly..but he isn't allowed out past 8 on week days
because of the thingo that happened...hmm...but we had a
good time. We just ran around trick or treating...I got
glitter in my eye so I was like crying all
was some fairy thing...hahha. Jason and Sam connected I
guess because them and Aum are going to a strip club this
weekend for a guys night out..I don't know what I think of
that! But I'm glad they're all getting along.
I applied at Amy's Ice Cream yesterday too...Chance works hopefully he'll help me out and hire me..I could
really use a job.
This week is red ribbon week so they're playing music on
the PA system at school...and this chick *brandy*? really
loves the pumpkins..and she's in charge of the
it's been mostly SP. It's been keeping me in a really great
Not much is really going on. My Dad is in Houston....Hmm I
was thinking earlier about all the things I had to write
but I can't think of them now.
I decided last night that I want to get a tattoo...soon.

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