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2001-11-01 15:10:21 (UTC)

This is me

Im 17 years old, have 2 sisters Karoline and Grace ,
there bouth yunger than me. We live with our parents, my
dad work with computers and my mun with making couses for
other people to go to, especially for women.

There are some important boys you just have to now about,
Samuel- my best friend and soulmate, Ill love him more then
life it self, I would do anything for him - to bad Im
losing him, he`s dying and its nothing I can do about it.
I have no ide how to survive without him in my life, he`s
the onlye one who knows how to wipe me up the floor, and Im
definitaly gonna fall when he`s gone, but I dont think much
about it, I just cant, it make me sad and I ofthen starts
to cry, I just cant belive it.

Then we have the best boy in the world, S*, we`re from
the same place, but he is studying far away so I dont get
to see him much:-(
Back in February he told me that he was in love with me and
I said the same thing back to him - and still we`re not
together, I was scared I wassn`t good enough for him, not
thin enough, not pretty enough, so I freakt out and did not
see him the next time he came home, I wanted to wait for
the next, however, then he didnt want to see me, I think he
was hurt and wanted to punish me, but he was punishing him
self just as much, and afther that we`re been having some
problems, I blame it all on me, and Im gonne fix it.
I have disappeard form him, he cant find me now, and thats
how its gonna be for the next 2-3 months, then Ill be back
with all my energi and love just for him.
Because I cant make him mine now, I dont have anything to
offer him, Im so worn-out, school, homework and 2 jobs its
a lot for a young girl, especially when her hart is

The next boy is Chris he`s 19 (S* is 20) I dont know him
that well, the first time I sow him I knew he was perfect,
he is really tall (like me) dark and sexy...
He flirts with me on the internet, and a bit in real life,
I think Im kind of sort of in love with him, but I try to
stop my self 1: I stil want S*, I have not give up on
him yet. 2:Im not over S*, I have this thing where I
always replece one thing whit another and one boy with
another, I dont do it with purpose, it just happend in my
subconscius. Its a bad habbit that I gotta quit doing.

Love Angel