My Life
2001-11-01 13:54:38 (UTC)

Had lunch with Terry...

The day before yesterday at night, I spoke to Terry and he
was on his way back from SD to the cities. He got a load of
Fed Ex and so instead of being out of town until the
weekend, he was coming back. So he said he'd like to take me
to lunch. His yard is in the same town that I work in. So we
talked yesterday and we met at a steakhouse type place. It
was nice to see him again, he really is cute and he's so
sweet. We had a nice lunch and then I got to meet his dog, a
retired greyhound named Rain, and see his truck. I love
Rain, she's really pretty, and quiet. So then I had to get
back to work. We kissed goodbye.
I had to work late last night to get some end-of-month
billing done so I worked a 12 hour day but that is OK. I
need the OT.
But I missed seeing my neice in her hippie costume and going
trick-o-treating with her. I came home, had some supper and
got ready for bed. The week goes by so quickly.
I lost 3 lbs. this last week! Yeah! I weigh on Thursdays. I
feel good about my efforts this week although I need to work
more on getting in my exercise. I seem to get to the gym
more during the colder weather but I have to pack a bag the
night before or I'm not ready.
I heard from Jess, my cousin's daughter, who I call my
neice, and I'm so happy to hear she's doing well, off drugs
and doing positive things in her life. I will talk to her
Friday evening and I can't wait to talk to her. She's really
a wonderful girl and I want her to excel.
Tom mentioned he'd like to get together to share a bottle of
Merlot this weekend but not sure I'll go. I really need to
catch up with chores this weekend and start my Christmas
projects. Also, Sat. I'm suppose to have a picture taken
with my dog and cat for a Christmas card so the weekend is
already busy.
More later.....