Brave Murder Days
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2001-11-01 13:53:24 (UTC)

First entry

This is the first entry in my online diary. I decided to
be a trendy bastard and make one of these like everybody
else, so wow, I'm soooo cool.

If you don't get what the title means, it's probably
becuase you listen to lame music.

If you do get it, it's probably because you listen to lame

It's been a long fucking day. I'm tired, I'm sober, and
I've got a helluva headache. I can barely see, and it
looks like another 12 hours or so before I'll get any
sleep, if then.

I'd like to take this moment to state that people are
insanely fucking stupid.

Anyway, this will probably be updated fairly often,
provided I don't violate whatever TOS this site has ( maybe
I should've read up on that first, eh?). So whatever. If
you really want a cheap and easy peek into my head ( look
at you and yer voyeuristic ass ) then here's your chance,
such as it is. Although, I have to say that if you really
want to look into my head, you also really need to get a
life. You lame fuck. Reading other people's diaries. You
probably watched survivor, didn't you?