fragments of thought
2001-11-01 12:33:48 (UTC)


one day leads to another
the difference is the rain
some days the winds blow hard
ripping the dead leaves off the trees
it gets dark at 3:30pm
but darkness is safer than light
because i dont have to look at myself
i can take the blankets off the mirrors
i feel less ashamned.
i cant look at myself because i have made too many mistakes
and there is nothing i can do to fix them.
The last choice i made was the worst, and now, im stuck..
lost in this God forsaken country
paganist, and sluts
mafia run city, where a loaf of bread cost atleast 3
the cheapest smallest white bread cost $1.60.
but here it is the kronor.. which is approx 10 kronor on a
dollar bill. so the cheap bread is 16.50 :- kr
yeah he promises me we will move back to the USA by next
ya right.. and leave his precious home land? the text tv?
the ppl talking like they have shit in their mouths?
no one smiles here
they all have frowns
i think it is wearing off on me.