Rach's thoughts
2001-11-01 12:29:19 (UTC)

All Men are EVIL

OK SO like an hour ago or something I last wrote, but I
never realised how much could change in so little time.
So more to the point. I realised that T had a ex that was
only an ex because she moved back to the States. He told me
this before we got together, but I found out this morning
that 1, He's going to visit her at Christmas. and 2, She's
just had a abortion and it was his.
How do you deal with that when you've only been together a
Am I being protective by saying that I don't want him to go
unless he realises that if he's going over there as anything
other than just friends then it isn't going to work between
Or am I displaying double standards by getting with Jason
last night and then being pisses off with him today for
doing the same but before we got together? Don't answer that
, I think I know well enough for myself.
I'm far to stressed at the moment and I just need to be
there for him right now. He's problay dealing with this like
100 time worst than me. I need to be supportive and kind and
everything else that he needs, at least until this has
calmed down.
Love and Light