2001-11-01 11:24:08 (UTC)

Part One: The Journey Begins

He leadeth us. He leadeth us. Yes, the Lord is leading us. Honey-bear and me.
The first part of our journey to be together is
his journey of faith into the Holy Mother church.
A journey which he will not regret.
I will be there every step of the way with him.
I will be his God-parent, his sponsor, and then
his mate for life and into eternity.

Today is All Saint's Day. My patroness saint is
Elizabeth Anne Seton. Born 1774-1821. Canonized
as the First Native Born American Saint in 1975
by the Late Holy Father, Paul the Six.

HoneyBear's patron saint will be Saint Francis
of Assisi, Patron Saint of Animals and Catholic
faith. A gentle man who loved animals and loved
the Lord. He gave up all his riches to live for him.

Take my hand, Honeybear, the best is yet to be
and let the Lord leade you and me.

Karissa Anne

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