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2001-11-01 11:14:02 (UTC)

Beach greetings

48 hours on trains have passed by without major incidents.
and goa. 2 days on the beach and many ressorts to look at.
first of all, goa is not india. people there speak english,
drink, are merry and everything is devoted to tourism.
which is not that bad after all. also, many indians go
there for holidays so it is a fun bunch to look at. and
cows live at the beach! they get the fruit rest from the
vendors and chill out along with tourists and crows... and
the food gets excellent - fresh fish and prawns at decent
prices!!! we are so happy not to have curry every night. so
after goa we went down to kerala, the southernmost state of
india. here we have a lot of palmtrees and the people are
very laid back! for the last days we have been chilling out
at Varkala beach, just sunbathing and marvelling at the 50
norwegian girls that spend a holiday here.... So 2nite we
will have a fullmoon party at the beach and tomorrow it is
off to the backwaters...
enjoy yourselves and be good,