Rach's thoughts
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2001-11-01 10:45:45 (UTC)


All went realy well last night considering what could have
Last night was Samhuinn (Or modernly called Halloween) and
the end of the Celitic year. The summer is now over and the
Calighe Now rules till Imboc when she shall die giving brith
to Spring.
OK so history lesson over. I've not written for ages because
I have just started seeing someone, T, he's very sweet and
cute and almost everything I want in a relationship. SO you
could ask when then did I spent last night with Jason? Well
Jason came from London just to visit as he "was going to
come up in the next while anyhow". Jason is Canadian and a
realy good friend, I'm spending all day tomorrow showing him
round Edinburgh. I've even cancled spending time with T,
just to be with Jason. All will be fine though as he is only
staying for a week or so.
On Saturday i'm being taken out to a very nice resturant for
dinner it should be fun.
Any how Happy New Year,

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