Borrowed Light
2001-11-01 10:44:39 (UTC)

Trick or treat

well i had a splitting headache all day today but apart fom
that school was relatively good. me and my best guy friend
at school mitch spent a lil extra time together seeing
jennie was not around and beck is still grumpy at me. it
was fun, we had the best chat about music and stuff, just
really caught up finally. hmm beck was mean all day,
therefore making me uneasy, i wish she would just tell me
what i did so i could fix it!

it was halloween but the good little christian girl i am *sweet
smile* spent the evening at small group, i know the whole halloweeen
tradition is the anti christ, and it is a little bit to kiddy for me.
i have never been trick or treating and now might not be a good time
to start...i must admit though, i wandered around for about 5 minutes
with becks lil cusses and i did say trik or treat once! hey shush i
was reliving my childhood ok? so anyway that was not all its hyped up
to be, i think halloween is just a good excuse for rapists and
murderers to go out and kidnap kids, i mean they all wander the
streets at night time, its a dangerous tradition really.

it was a full moon last night, so that was pretty cool, it was a full
moon again tonight and it was orange. i love the sky, i watched it
for a bit before, i have never been so amazed, (ooohh yeah explain
creation theory next time!) its not like a new religion or anything
dont freak, you'll understand when you read it...

went shopping tonight and found the nicest skirt ever, it's
long and black and cool. unteenybopperish i think but
people will find a way to pay me out about it...lol...im
beyond caring. so anyway me and corey had a little chat and
stuff, i finally got my hug, and now i feel ok. not great
but definetly ok!

i got an email from my friend alana in tasmania today and
you wont believe how nice that was! i miss all those people
so much, its funny how i only realised now though, i did
have some pretty good pals there..maybe ill go back and
visit one day

well not much more to write cept my head hurts, if i think
of anything significant i'll come back. bubye for now


I dream'd a dream to-night.
And so did I.
Well, what was yours?
That dreamers often lie.
In bed asleep, while they do dream things true.
--romeo & juliette

now this is a cute pickup line if i ever heard one....
"-I was just nowhere near your neighborhood "--singles

"addicted to the feelings
lose touch with all i''ve known
the cobwebs on the ceiling
make me aware that i''m all alone"--staind No-one's kind