The Journal of Greg Rodriguez
2001-11-01 08:44:01 (UTC)

November 1, 2001 3:22 AM

Dear Journal,

Today actually held little drama. I like those days.
Okay, so I slept 'til a quarter to five. It's all good.

Alright, let's see...well, my friend Kristen and I got
into a small spat. She got upset that I subtlely mentioned
that we had kissed on a dare a couple weeks ago. I don't
know quite how to feel about it either. It wasn't even a
big deal to me. It was a peck. She was so not down for it
though; I must really be ugly in her eyes. Or maybe just
not her type. She's into the real Latino/thug types I
think. I got the latino part, but the thug isn't me.

This past weekend I went to Kayla and Mitch's hometown
of Amenia, New York. I must admit, the scenery was
beautiful, but I just hate small towns. Some people like
the peace and quiet shtick; myself, however, crave the
hustle and bustle of the city. I don't think that'll ever
change. The concert we went to was pretty dumb; the first
band, Id, sucked hard. The second group Dust to Dust wasn't
too bad. They kinda had this Metallica/Soundgarden sound
that I dug. The last one though, Type O Negative ...
terrible would be giving them too much credit. They were
old, they couldn't sing or play for shit, and I basically
sat in the van for the latter part of their performance. My
look for the evening was interesting. I dyed my hair this
flaming red, something that I liked for a minute, but am
quickly tiring of. I reckon I'll shave my head yet AGAIN at
the end of the week. Anyway, I was wearing my khaki raver
pants, a long-sleeved black Deftones shirt, and a short-
sleeved open red shirt with a Fear Factory patch and a
nametag that said "Wallie", topped off with my Playboy
bunny visor. I looked so remarkably hardcore. It was fun
for a night, but I realized how comfortable my regular
clothes are. That shit is just not my style.

What else...oh, the Yankees won their second game of the
World Series tonight against Arizona. Now it's tied up at
two apiece. I hadn't really watched a baseball game in it's
entirety before this year's playoffs, but the Yankees are
just so fuckin' good. Watching the games is becoming more
and more fun. After they won tonight, Joe and I ran through
the hall like a pair of happy assholes. Then we
like...hugged...twice. It was very quick, but ... I don't
think I hated it. That kid ... he's turning my world upside
down. One day we'll basically just say what's up and go
about our business, and then the next we'll hang out and
have a few laughs. It's crazy. I want to be roommates with
him if we're both here next year. Or maybe even next
semester. Jesus, listen to me. Am I falling in love with
Joe? I've never been in love before, but every time I think
about him, it makes me happy. Oh my god. This is
complicated, confusing, scary, exciting, and I can't wait
to see what happens next. Life's like a fucking WB show all
of a sudden. Alright. I can't believe I wrote some of THAT
shit down, but hey, this is for my eyes only anyhow. Later.