Book of the Purple Faerie
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2001-11-01 06:54:17 (UTC)

MEN! _

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm sorry to say that mine
didn't go so well...

It started off great! I woke up, showered, put on my black,
gothic "Hello Kitty" shirt, my black jacket, my jeans and
belt. I styled my hair and let it dry, then sprayed in
purple coloring without getting any on my shirt. Then I put
on my devil horns and let me tell you, with my makeup, the
finished product was great! I looked and felt terrific, if
a TINY bit awkward, walking around campus. But I knew I
looked good, so all was well! Very few people dressed up
today. There was a fairy in my Environmental Biology class,
and a girl in my psych. class with nifty aquamarine hair
with ribbons tied in it and a little wand. Two of my
friends dressed up to go to classes, but I didn't see them

Lunch was very bad today... Holly had to work (and ended up
being one of the only people there, accomplishing nothing)
so I didn't eat lunch with her and got take out instead. At
least the lunch ladies were dressed in the spirit! There
were little scarecrows in the lunchrooms, and everyone was
dressed up! The lady who swiped my student ID was dressed
as a Mr. Potato Head doll! It was nifty! But when I brought
my food back to my room, I ended up with a terrible stomach
ache that was so bad, I couldn't move. I had to lie down on
my bed for 10 minutes, but then I felt fine! Didn't miss
any classes today and have yet to miss one all semester!
It's been my goal to not miss a single class, since last
year I overdid it with the skipping class.

Tracking down Michelle was kinda difficult. She had
problems ditching her puppy dog tagalong, but eventually we
got ahold of each other after 7 pm and I went up to her
room to watch Simpsons. I ran into two friends who were on
my floor last year in Founder's hall (::shudder::), so I
had to shoot the breeze with them. I was supposed to play
D&D with Matt and Jess, but I lost track of time. I got
back to my room around 9, too late to start a D&D session.

Around 10 pm, we had a fire drill and had to wait outside
the residence hall for 5 minutes. It was quite the
experience... There were guys standing around in nothing
but boxers, even one to the left of me in nothing more than
a TOWEL! As if that wasn't enough, they began to pick guys
up and body surf them across the waiting crowd...

Then reach of and drop their pants.

Oh my...

Then things got much worse.

Our friend the "king" succeeded in making me angrier than I
have EVER been in my entire life. Seriously. I'll admit
that sometimes I anger easily and make too big a deal out
of things, but I think I was justified in my feelings. I
was shaking I was so mad! I wanted to KILL someone! I
couldn't think of how to EXPEND all the energy that was
coursing through my veins! How dare he? HOW DARE HE try to
play two of my close friends like that?! I HATED him! I
wanted him to PAY! It was so bad that I had to call up
Michelle and vent, lest I go out and do violent acts of
massacre to someone.

My friend believes that he is through playing games... but
I can't believe that yet. I want to believe... but I can't.
I just can't... I trust my friend. I know she's only got
the best intentions in mind. And that she really believes
that everything will be OK. But me, I can't believe him.
No. No way. I wanted to rip him a new one.

After talking to Michelle for a few minutes, I finally
broke down and cried and she came running to my rescue
(sockless, no less! that's how you know you have a true
friend!). I continued to talk to my friend online, and she
reassured me and made me feel better... Telling me her
motto "Chicks before dicks", that she appreciated how much
I cared, that she was more than willing to make more time
for me if I wanted, that'd she spend all weekend with me if
I wanted and most especially that she didn't hate me for
the way I felt or how concerned I was. I have... a lot of
problems with best friends usually. My first ever decided
one day that she and her friends would call me up and
threaten to beat the shit out of me. Not so cool, huh? When
my friend left, I felt better... And it made me feel happy
to know that all the while, Shannon was worried about me

Michelle came over and I talked with her about a lot of
things and she did me a lot of good for which I hope to
repay her someday. Talking things out helped a lot. It
dispelled the rest of the energy that I had amassed that
hadn't dispelled after my talk with Heather. Some still
remains, but tomorrow I'm hitting the gym and getting rid
of it by exercising until I just plain exhaust myself.
Michelle and I have a lot in common and it's comforting to
have someone I can truly talk to on campus again... She's a
real godsend and I'm glad that I know her and have her as
one of my best friends. ^__^ There need to be more people
like her (and as she agrees with me, more bishounen. PRETTY

So now I'm physically exhausted from sobbing and shaking
and ready to go to bed... My roomie is getting ready and I
plan to start myself. There's a Rocky Horror Picture Show
documentary on VH1 to watch until then. Not a great passion
of mine, but a passtime ^_^ But it's time to say
goodnight! Take care kids! Tomorrow is another day... just
not Halloween.

Exhausted, but not going to explode