2001-03-17 03:22:49 (UTC)

Dear Diary: I appreciate the..

Dear Diary:

I appreciate the letters people wrote to me. I had another
stressful day. It was very nice that people took the time
to read my post AND write to me about it giving advice. I
realized a lot in the past week. I am going to try and
make things flow a lot more and not care too much since
things will change this summer.
This really sucks!! I got a flat tire last night driving
home from soccer practice. My dad and brother came to help
me in the freezing cold snow. I really do appreciate my
family and could never understand why some teenagers can
say such hateful things to the ones who will love them
unconditionally. I guess I had my "bad times" and everyone
goes through them. I do love my family oh so much, they
mean the world to me.
I do have good news!! I am leaving wednesday to see my
godmother and extended family. It is my godmother's Ten
year wedding renewing vows thing!! I am so excited to see
her. She lives very far away, and i miss her a lot.
Well back to the tire thing.... I did get one tire for my
car but my brother and dad said that you should buy tires
in twos or fours so i have to get another because they were
all out at Wal-Mart.

Thanks for listening,