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2001-11-01 06:02:34 (UTC)

oddness at its weirdness like best.

i have known chelsea 2001 for like 3 months. and we have
fallen apart. i am so mad at myself for letting that
happen. i am not going out with her and i dont think it
looks too promising either. but i like her alot. i have
never been in a relationship that didnt turn into love. and
i thinki already love her. i dont know why but it just
clicks in. I LOVE YOU CHELSEA' just seems so right. but she
doesnt want it to be. i dont know what to do. she used to
be that every week she had a new cruch and for the last 3
months it has been me and all her friends think WE she be
that couple that every looks up to and says lets be like
then. but i cant. i think she has given up. its not the
fact that i havent asked her it just other things .. little
things that shouldnt matter. and no i go out and have sex
with some random girl. i just dont know what happened. we
fell to that point where i fell in love and she fell
lthrought my arms to somewhere else that isnt where she she
should be. well i hate to leave you but i got to go. ill
talk later. bye bye bye