even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-11-01 05:49:20 (UTC)

im dying tomorow

so today was haloween.. it was a good day, it hink, until
recently, i dontl htink it was that good iof a day, i
dont;l really rmemeber, but i rememebr right around sun set
i felt liek shit, which sucks, caseu it was the most
beautiful sunset iv eever seen, god, it really was
breathtaking... kinda got me emotional, and
circumsatntially, i thnk i was emotional anyway... but it
realy was beautfil, i took some pictures, i hope they scome
out... i took alot of picture otnight, i think a whole
roll, and then some, i hope they come out, cause potentialy
they are really cool, some o fus int he car, and some,
these peopel let s go ino they're back yard and take
pictures of their kid playing backetball and i took some
pictures of kids in houses, and some of us walking,i really
hope they turn out, ther ear no textures thought, and the
rolli cbought, so i hope he wont; mind me developing them,
na he won;t, cause i'll get mu stuff done well so it'll be
ok... i don;t know, everyone is in a good mood, tonight i
went out with alex, kelly jaosn, aum and sam, and it was
fun, being wth my firned make me really ahppy, soemtimes,
today i got really sad cause kelly was tlkaing baotu how
she was oging to just sit around with jason, and not come
with us, and its liek, gads, kelly, come on, you told us
you would, i dont; kwno sometimes.. well, i dontl kwno...
but it was really fun tonight... josh couldn't go wit us,
cause of the thing, but we got to see him, and the boys
werelookign extra hot tongiht, it was odd, maybe cause i
hadn;t seen them, .. in.. a few hours...i dont; knw i need
to go to sleep, really i need the sleep os bad, im outa
here.. night night!