Wandering Soul

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2001-11-01 05:11:32 (UTC)

"You'll always be riding..with Private Malone.."

-Well, Glenn's seemed stable up until tonight, really. He's
been putting sweat, blood, and tears into the truck he's
workin' on to get down here.
Yeah, things have changed. Glenn's doing good. He might be
moving down here to finish up school outside of that little
shit Xtian community.
Of course, things are fitting together perfectly, and his
truck gets stolen tonight.
Doesn't that seem to want to figure? Ah, to hell with it.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Damn my feet hurt like hell..My shoes killed me today. And
I've got uniform day tomorrow..Shit. I need to wash my
shirt. I wanna look damn good. Got my uniform dry-cleaned
and everything for Flight Competition (ROTC) and we're
gonna do DAMN good as long as my feet don't kill me and I
don't pull any secondary movements..
Our flight doesn't seem to want to stay in step much, which
is gonna kill us in the end if we can't. I do hope we can
snag the "Best-in-Drill" ribbon for our guidon, though.
That would kick so much ass it's not even funny.
ROTC kicks ass.
If anyone out there is thinking about going in- DO SO.
I promise ya you won't regret it, just make sure you're
dedicated, listen to orders, take them with a sense of
responsibility, and stay in order, and life is good.
Our commanders are great. Have a wonderful sense of humor,
but can also get down to business when need be.
Ah, I'm rambling. Kinda feel like I need to.
Started a new page. "Sylverwynd". It's at
Go take a look. Drop me some comments. I need some feedback.

Damn I miss Glenn.
We're getting married [online, working on r-l though.
Working on it.] in 10 days. November 10th. Damn I can't
wait..It's gonna be perfect. It's so much of what I'm
thinking about now. Mary, Messlyn, and Racheal keep hearing
about it at lunch. Mary's helping me count the days. I
might count the hours soon. *laughs*
I'd do minutes, if I could. But that would be
rather..tedious. Obsessive. Nah. Just tedious.
English class sucks ass. Drill team has gone down the
drain, I'm heading for it next year. Since grades killed me
this year. I figure I'll be able to snag it next year when
I'm more organized, but I really couldn't handle the stress
and practice time after school.
Besides, those pushups are a BITCH.

Best get used to 'em though. Headin' for the Marines
someday. Someday. Hopefully once I graduate.
I want to help Glenn get through high school, and on his
way into the Army, though. And college is looking like a
good idea.
I'm thinking of majoring in Japanese, maybe become a
I'm still holding high with my 99 in Japanese as is. Love
that class. Such a beautiful language.
Anyway, I'm tired, my shirt needs to be washed, I have yet
to get dinner, my candy is calling my name, I need to do my
nightly crunches/pushups, dry my uniform shirt, think about
Glenn some more, wait at least until midnight so I can
count 9 days down, and hope my stomach calms down.
Too much. Either way, I'll write soon enough. Sorry about
the..delay in a recent writing, if anyone's following this.
I don't really expect someone to. Honestly, I just want a
place to store some rants and bitchings every so often. Eh.
Rambled long enough.

Catch ya.

PS. Calling any Country fan/American- Go buy David Ball's
album "Amigo" SIMPLY for the song "Riding with Private
It's BEAUTIFUL. I COMPLETELY recommend it. I'll post the
lyrics sometime later, but damn is that one hell of a song.
I love it.
I also want to stick in here that "Where the Stars &
Stripes and the Eagle Fly" is a good patriotic song, as
well as "This ain't no rag it's a flag"
All are amazing songs. Check 'em out if ya get bored.

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