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2001-03-17 03:00:01 (UTC)

JIM THE TOAD Jim the toad, oh..


Jim the toad, oh Jim the toad;
an ode to Jim the toad.
Jim was a critter that'd do you no harm.
He was cold-blooded, but really quite warm.
He didn't give me warts, or pee on my hand,
Jim was the best pet in the whole land.
Jim would hop around the yard,
and keeping up was really hard.
Jim would croak all night and day,
and often I'd wonder what he wanted to say.
Maybe he meant, "feed me more bugs."
Or maybe he wanted a couple more hugs.
I really loved Jim, and wanted him to stay,
but mom said Jim had to go away.
She said Jim has family, somewhere out there,
toads that love him, toads that care.
So I let Jim go, and bid him farewell,
and Jim was sad too, I could tell.
Jim the toad, oh Jim the toad,
the best darn pet I ever knowed.

- original poem by Carrie
(Copyright 1997)

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