thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-01 04:48:03 (UTC)


well today was intersting to say the very least...It
started off with me being a dumb ass and not setting my
alarm lastnight so I didnt wake up at all. My brother who
I usually wake up had to wake me up for a change. and that
is one hell of a terrible feeling, I'm suppose to be the
responsible one. And then I didnt get to eat breakfast and
I was tired today at school, chemistry sucked we had to do
some stupid lab and shit and I have like hella homework to
do this weekend along with like 10,000 other things I have
to do and I dont even know if I have to work on sunday.
But the evening wasnt so bad we were supposed to go trick-
or-treat in steiner but they came out here instead so it
was weird me aum and jason kinda stayed back while the
girls did the candy grabbing, but it was cool, I talked
jason into hanging with the guys(being me aum josh and
james) for a change, I mean he's so cool and not to have
any guy friends well that's a crime and a half, but I think
it will be good for all of us. I think that is so great to
connect with someone that is so much like you...I look at
it this way, we are are just adding one more to our perfect
little group, and he has a car! HOrRaY for JaSoN!! Man
this is so damn wonderful I feel so great right now. Me
and aum are going to go run tomorrow night and then katy
wants to have a picnic this weekend and all kinds of good
stuff....this is so fucking wonderful.