just a girl

Life Is Good (well...usually)
2001-03-17 02:56:08 (UTC)

Nights good. Mornings bad! Here..

Nights good. Mornings bad! Here is my morning routine:

1. Lay in bed and hit snooze for 1 hour.
2. Unconsciously yell at husband for stealing covers.
3. Finally get up after he nearly drags me out of bed.
4. Eat wheat puffs (yummy!)
5. Read Bible and pray (sometimes, but usually at night).
6. Try to find my way around without my contacts in.
7. Make it to bathroom and start my 2 HOUR ORDEAL.
8. Shower and makeup takes 1 hour
9. Doing my hair and getting dressed takes 1 hour.
10. In the meantime I get very well educated on current
events by listening to NPR radio (which I love)

And finally...I go to work.

Now how is that for excitement? During my 2 HOUR ordeal I
have no idea what my husband does. He takes 10 minutes to
get ready and then he goes downstairs and leaves me in my
world of curling irons, blow dryers, eyelash curlers, and
hairspray. He doesn't think I need all that. He thinks I
look good. But then, he thinks that sneakers and dress
pants go well together, so what does he know?