i love mullets.
2001-11-01 04:10:37 (UTC)

complete insanity!

well, well, well. what hasn't happened since i wrote last?
the night after my last entry, i ended up taking f-ball guy
home from the bonfire, and he ASKED ME out. aww. i said
yes! thurs. was a boring school day, and there was an away
jv game that night. when i got home thurs. all of my best
guy "friends" completely blasted me for having a b/f. i did
my best to ignore them, even though they were sooo rude.
friday there was no school!! :) nat and i shopped all day,
then went to the football game, where my guy and i hung
out, and i took him to sonic afterward, what fun! saturday
was the SAT, i was like 30 mins late but they still let me
in! yay! haha... went out that night, to a party. didn't
stay out too late though, but there was a kiss for me that
night! :) the next day, sunday... huge concert! it was so
awesome, i went with my guy and his mom(hehe) and some
friends, everyone was so drunk but not me! lol...311 was
great, i am in love with them even more now. that night i
frantically packed, because monday i drove up to columbia
with dad and flew out to DC! oh yeah... stayed in DC until
sunday, it was so much fun, so many cool people at the
conference i was at. hopefully i'll see some of them again.
got home sunday night, went to dinner with my sweety
(nothing special- just fast food), then did homework like a
madwoman. monday was not so great- i was worn out and had
to explain to everyone that NO, i didnt have anthrax. ha.
nothing special happened all week, i stayed up like all
night every night just trying to freaking catch up on
work... took a test/quiz everyday:) oh yeah- another
interesting note: mr. how-dare-you-date-anyone ex-boyfriend
now has a little chica! everyone's saying she's no me
though. lol! :) at least he was off my back about my new
boyfriend. thursday was the jv game against the rival team-
they won- go boys. unfortunately the varsity couldnt do the
same on friday! afterschool friday i went home and "cleaned
my room" and slept until nat came and got me, we went to a
concert in another town-cute band guy's band was playing
(and got so lost...) but had to leave early cause we had to
be at the game. the band was good though- nat wants the
drummer. haha. the game sucked- we got killed. anyway, my
parents were out of town, so i stayed out til like 3:30-
freakin' awesome! i've never been to a grocery store at 3
am, thats for sure. we all slept at my house, had to get up
at like 8 for nat's soccer game. that day we just did
random stuff, went shopping briefly, worked at some
halloween thing, then went out and rode around and went to
walmart... yay. we also met some (drunk) guys for dinner at
perkins but they left early (on a side note: cute band guy
was there!!!). i didnt get to see my guy but he called
me... got back to nat's at like 1 and slept. we didnt wake
up til noon, oops. had to go to some goofy awards ceremony,
and mom and dad had just gotten back in town so they picked
me up and took me to lunch. :) did hwk the rest of the
day... then mon. rolled around and thus started another fun-
filled school week. aside from lots of work, everything
rocked along just fine until today (wednesday) when out of
nowhere, f-ball guy and i broke up! being that it was only
a 3 week relationship, i am not devastated, but i am
bummed. we had so much fun together- and he was cute and
sweet. unfortunately, we are complete opposites. breakups
suck. will i ever get another guy?! aahhh...