ptys dream journal
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2001-11-01 03:50:31 (UTC)

dream this morning approx time of awaking 5.45

not too early considering i get up at 6. but this one was a
nother freaky one. one mor elike this and i dont know how
easy it is gonna be for me to get to sleep from now on.

Ok this time it looks like we are in a class downtown just
me and my sis. class has no chairs, ,and a wooden floor,
and we are leaving. We make it downstairs only to watch a
plane slam into a nearby building twisting it to a near
impossible angle to the ground. Well before we could do
anything more more planes are clying into other buildings.
They all either twist warp, blowup, or fall into strange
angles. The radio gets turned on...something about mass
chaos...we wind up on the spressway outta town, the only way
out, and its packed wall to wall traffic. Next thing i know
is that the big building to the left of us is falling.....we
cant go no where...and thats when i wake up!