ptys dream journal
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2001-11-01 03:44:36 (UTC)

yesterdays troubling dream

funny thing is I've had worse dreams but this one really
bothered me. I was sound asleep and it was still early
early in the morning when I was woken up by it.

I was sitting in the van, well on the edge where the
sliding door would close, across the street from the
college. JUST SITTING THERE! looking up at the sky i see a
plane. The plane appears to get stuck on the electricl
lines. no biggie its just hovering there, about i'd say 15
seconds later i watch the engines blow out first the one
closest to me, the one furtherest. Very vivid image of
flames shooting out backwards from the engine. i thought
OMG whats gonna hapen next. instead of falling staright
down like it should have, ,the plane flips over and rams
into the houses across the street. The last images I
remember seeing was a giant toy barney being flung into the
air as well as a wrapped box, then nothing but dust was
coming at me. Thats when I woke up.