Tainted Perception
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2001-11-01 03:40:42 (UTC)

Halloween.... what a scream....*sarcasm*

I'm sitting before my computer at 10:18pm, halloween night,
breathing from my mouth because if I breath from my nose, I
fear I might die. I'm ranker then rank, because instead of
trick or treating and TPing houses like everyone else, I
worked washing dogs. So now.... I smell like one. That, and
the smell of me when I've spent a day under presure, aka my
feet smell really bad. I remember this girl I used to work
with in a past job that had really sweaty feet, and she
tried to solve the problem by using baby powder, but all
she did was create mud from her moist feet and the powdery
powder.... and since she was wearing clogs.. it leaked out
the back of her shoes while she was working. I guess sweat
is the indication that person is really doing excessive
work. Stench must mean I worked EXTRA excessively. Make
This doesn't even feel like halloween... or maybe it should
because even though I smell like a dog.. I'm actually a
female human being... so there for I have an oderized
costume to wear tonight. But that's not all of it... maybe
I'm just getting too analytical for my own good. Maybe I
was expecting to much.
Last night was a good night. I went for some extra help on
my physics issues... and learned that I didn't have a
problem at all. I just convinced myself I didn't know what
the fuck I was doing... and suddenly... well.. I didn't
know what the fuck I was doing.
After my physics help session, I picked up a movie, and
some oreo's on a mission to see poor little sarah whom was
feeling even shittier then i was the day before. Her father
told me she had influenza... and that if that's not what I
had... after last night.. I'll have it soon. We spent the
night watching "cats&dogs", eating, streaking sarah's hair
red, and doing her algebra homework. I hope I made her feel
somewhat better.
I felt as though I was floating through the day today... I
couldn't stop thinking about *****. It's not anything new
to me lately, since I even had I dream about him last
night... I think I'm going phsycotic. I was totally
prepared tonight to go see him after work.. and tell him
how I felt... but after driving around... i seemed to have
forgotten how to get there... and turned around to go home.