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2001-11-01 00:17:06 (UTC)

Street of rage - when to be polite means everything

Hot Springer Wednesday. neewollaH in your English North
American country and in some English course schools from
my country. At night I was so aslept but instead of it
I decided to be waked up. I was on street to see friends
or what is rest of them. I saw discordia, rumours, riots and
specially misunderstandings. I need to be between some
neighbour friend and a downtown visitor to avoid a fight.
Or mean just an agression because the friend was a girl and
visitor not even a gentleman. It is the advantage to seem
to be crazy and cool. Every kind of people respects. Some
neighbour make the riot. Using rumours and other kind of
In real I'm polite to talk as an ambassador. And I really
believe in things I've believed.
Street of rage was a classical game of fighting on streets
against riot gangs to save some girl. In real life just a
street of riot.
I almost tell to some beloved friend why I was acting that
way for weeks. I said I was thankfull even she was so proud.
And believe every people would like her.
When you save a donkey in abandon it will be thankfull for
you. Only way to compensate it is to show you don't like it
anymore. Or the donkey like you. Well I need to hear from
her she doesn't like me anymore or me as a donkey say I like
her so much. Not true I feel just thankfull. The best way
I mean like some people or anything alive in earth.
I will live in truth with my truly friends. Tomorrow is
better day with nice sunlight and hot weather what I like
and cold disease would be gone. I miss my Petcat it is what
make me cry in dream I can't remember all nights.