Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-01 02:55:45 (UTC)

See you in court !

hey everyone
Sorry about before my mom like slapped me across the face
and I had friends over at the time !!!!! I am watching
Buffy right now its so good . Tonight was so much fun . . I
guess . . . there were some anoying parts like my mom and
all but ummmmm I think I told you about that kid who gropped
(sp?) me awhile back . but anyways he came by my house
tonight trick or treating and he lit up a cigaret ! and I
was like " get off my property with that !! NOW! " and so
he and his 'friends' started walking away and they
dropped glass bottles all over my driveway !!!!!!!!! so I
was like " omg kati did you see that ?" and then we were
all talking about what if they came back and then next
thing I know they are standing back in front of us and that
one guy goes " oh I just wanted to say i am sorry for
everything " and my friend could tell he was lieing so she
goes " go away ! NOW! ". So he goes " fine" throws a stink
bomb on the ground and walks away with his friends. well
the kid is a dumb shit to begin with but this takes the
cake for alot of reasons ! First I am not an idiot when it
comes to those stink bomb things , all you gotta do is rise
them off and they go away !! next I could charge the kid
with so much shit if I called the cops !!!! seriously . so
kati and I have an idea as to what we are going to say to
him tomorrow:
me:hey C. ummm yea I just wanted to say I thought you had
it all planned out so well, there is only one thing you
did wrong ! You showed your Face!!!!!!!
kati: Yea I thought you were smarter then that !
me: Lets see now what all can I charge you with when I
talk to the cops ???! Lets see here now umm one charge of
trespassing, one charge of sexual assult, two charges of
vandalism , and smoking under age !!!! how many years could
he face in j.v.hall kati??
kati: ummm lets see ( kati pretending to count ) umm
atleast 3 and if they don't send him there he will have to
do like 1000 hours of volunteer work !
me: but see c. full christianity believes in
forgiveness. . . . .. .. . (watching him while he
comprehends all this ) ( waiting for like 15 sec.) . .. .
TO BAD I AM NOT FULL CHRISTIAN. see you in court ( kiss the
air and walk away).
kati:Later ! ( turns and walks away then high fives me and
we keep walking)

haha !!!Thats what Kati and I are going to say to him
tomorrow !haha ! Its going to be so cool !!!!!!!!! omg !!
haha ! I am so geeked out !and I told my brother what
happend and my brother said he can ummmm come "scare" him
while we talk !!!!!!!! haha! thats so kickin
aight well I gotta bounce !!!!

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