*~My Thoughts~*
2001-03-17 01:09:25 (UTC)

Dear Diary, You ll never guess...

Dear Diary,
You'll never guess. Aaron asked Megan out. She declined,
but now wants to. I tried giving her number to David, to
tell Aaron, but he wouldn't take it. He just wouldn't. I
have only one wish. That I get a date for the dance. It
would be sooooooooo etc. nice. I think Megan's going to go
with Aaron. Randi is going with Miguel. Now I'm the only
one without a date. Oh well. I guess I'll be lonely
again. *sigh* I know two people like me, but their so
weird I wouldn't be caught dead TALKING to them let alone
dancing with them. I'll most likely dance with Aaron or
Miguel again. *sigh* I'll to find a date by March 23.
It'll be hard, but I can try. *sigh*