wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
2001-11-01 02:31:19 (UTC)

These 5 Words In My Head Scream, "Are We Having Fun Yet?"

Well, it's of my favourite
gives me an excuse to get dressed up like a freak. It was
an okay day today. I got out of all my classes to work in a
Haunted House. That was fun, scaring kids...but, tonight,
while everyone else is having fun, I'm here, doing
homework. *bah* I detest homework. I wouldn't do it, but I
have to. My Future depends on my homework...getting in to much to think about...Are we having fun
yet? yeah...I am, sometimes. Sometimes, I am, sometimes I'm
not. I have quite a bit of things to do, and I don't have
the time. I want to quit band, but I'm going to hang in
there I guess. I love being excluded, it's fun...(yeah,
right.) Basketball and Interact are about the only things
at school that are actually fun. Athletics is fun too.
Especially doing lines for Volleyball :) It's almost my
birthday...I'm sorta excited. Sweet Seventeen. Closer to
growing up, closer to moving out. Adulthood. It's starting
to scare me. Well, I better do some more work. *bah* Catch
ya on the flip side.