Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
2001-11-01 01:38:19 (UTC)

being drunk rulz

ok guys! I am so fucked up right now! It's 8:36 and I have
been taking shots with my roomate, Tasha since 6... I am a
club kid with a red wig and wings and all this shit! man, I
look good! I so hope that Chance decided not to be a dick
and shows up! whatever, I'm so planning to have a blast
tonite! IT's halloween and we got candy, shit!
I wanna go now but apparently it's TOO early! fuck tah!
I'm going to get plastered right now! more booze for
leah! yeha yeah motha fuka!
ok, so I need to pass the time really quickly so that is
why I am boring u with this shit!