Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2001-10-31 23:50:46 (UTC)

Mad yet disappointed

God I just really have to vent my feelings right now so if
all of this doesn't make sense please try to understand
this entery was written under bad condictions. My mom
totally annoys me!! First I was going to go Trick or
Treating with my friends but after i got home to change
into my costuem she changed her mind and decided that I was
to old. I know 14 IS kinda old but still where does she
think that she has the right to tell me I'm too old.

Well, finally I got over it and started to look foward to a
peaceful night alone (I've been on the run for about 2
weeks straight). My mom was going to a party and my sister
was going to go trick or treating. Then, my mom is all
like, 'oh I don't feel like going, I'll stay here with you
and "bond."'

So finally I got away from her and here I am now. It's like
GOD!! Why don't you quit bothering me and just leave me
alone (hehee, isn't that line from a limp bizit song or

Okay, now for a total different topic. I really have to ask
for your advice. If you think a boy who's your friend likes
you and you like him, but you're a total shy girl what do
you do?? Now one of my friends told me to test him by
dropping a penicle and seeing if he picks it up. Well, he
did but does that mean he likes me or is just being nice??
I really need some help.


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