The Sexy Blonde
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2001-10-31 23:14:05 (UTC)


Well...shit where do I start. Here I guess at the
well....oh never mind my head is fucked-up. Well school was
kidn of terrible. Anyway I miss my best friend. The new
girl I sat with today asked me for 5cents and I gave it to
her so she had enough money to buy her 40cent lunch. Then
we went up to the store so that I could buy a drink ,
because I was real thristy and that bitch asked me if I
could buy her a candy bar, I was like yaaa...she seems
nice, and she doesn't look like a dumbass. SO I put a
dollar on the counter and they got me a twix and I gave it
to her, but then she was busy pulling out a wad of money
buying donuts and all this other shit like: suckers, gum,
and other junk. I was so pissed and raging. I told her she
better pay me back that dollar, or i would beat her ass.
She didn't say anything, just looked at me with her scared
little eyes and said ok.

Other then that I check out two books today about

Nasty..we had a sub 7th period algebra and he was a big
fat man wit sweat all over under his arms and all over his
chest. It was disgusting and it smelt horrible. Well I must
go I have had enough of this shit. I can't get my other
diary to run, the page is fucked up... got to go leave em
lots of notes, ask questions. Bye ~*! Jessica ~*

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